Let's speak about LOVE and PEACE in Korean!


7th Korean Language Speech Contest

Have you heard of "Songs of the Moon's Reflection on a Thousand Rivers"?
It's "Worin cheongangjigok", a collection of poems written by King Sejong to grieve his deceased queen and pray for a peaceful country.
How about we discuss peace and love in Korean, remembering King Sejong's spirit?

What do you think is love?
Is it love for your significant other?
Love for your family, friends, yourself or even the Korean language?
The topic can be about love for anything and everything.

A world without war or conflict,
a moment of peace amid your ordinary life,
it can be about any subject related to peace.

Tell us your story in a video and send it to us.

KBS WORLD Radio is waiting for a world to talk about peace and love in Korean with you!

The preliminary registration for the 7th Korean Language Video Contest started today!

For more detatils, including how to participate, please visit our official website at this link: world.kbs.co.kr/special/kbscontest_2022/

(Let's talk about Love and Peace in Korean - Special Video on YouTube)